Elegant Sleeves Design that make your Outfit WOW!

Different types of sleeves? Yes, Sleeves are like a very important part of clothes. Have you thought how unique and stylish sleeves can change the look of an outfit? Yes, sleeves are one of the first things you can see in attire. They should fit properly and it's comfortable to wear or sleeve styles refashion with time and fashion. Fashions of sleeves come and go. Woman, whatever she wants to wear, sleeveless or with different types of sleeves, it will be a fashion that every woman want to add some stylish statement and personality to own clothing. Selecting the best sleeves style for your outfits can work out quickly and your outfits look awesome.  Sometimes particular types of the sleeve may be in fashion but they disappear completely for decades and later reappear again in fashion and make popular again. In this fashion world, do you think about that, How do you choose from your sleeves designs and constantly changing fashion style? Sometimes happen something that you wants to throw out yesterday, is back in fashion today. With every occasion, comes the pressure of looking super-hot! For this, what all girls or woman’s do? Simple, just make and buy the attire with different types of sleeves. Scroll down to explore some adorable and trendy types of sleeves to get your outfit noticeable.

1) Bell sleeves

Bell-shaped sleeves are narrow on the top and wide in the bottom. They come in a variety of length depending upon the dress type. They also called layered sleeves. Bell sleeves come in all length. The 60s and 70s bell bottom- inspired bell sleeves have been one of the best- after trends in recent years. You can try bell sleeves for a casual look.

2) Raglan Sleeves

Raglan sleeves are usually used for color blocking- front and back in one color and the sleeves in a contrast color. A raglan sleeve is a sleeve that extends in one piece fully to the collar, leaving a diagonal seam from underarm to collarbone.

3) Off shoulder sleeves

Sleeves begin at the upper arm and sleeves that don't have anything over the shoulder. This is a modern style that is most likely to be found in every women's attire. This style has taken over all the types of western to ethnic to traditional. This sexy style provides an eye-catching style statement. These sleeves make it feel like on holiday every day. You feel like you are on vacation. There are many types of off-the-shoulder styles to make your outfit hot.

4) Balloon sleeves

Balloon sleeves are back in the '70s along with pretty trends. These sleeves are one of the most loved trends. Balloon sleeves are wide like balloon and button edges will surely put you in the spotlight. This shirt style sleeve which is padded to give the look of a balloon.

5) Puff sleeve

This type of sleeves design was a long time ago still, the trend seems to have come back in fashion. Puffed style sleeves are short and gathered in a way to make look like puffs. They go well with traditional wear, dresses and western style clothes.

6)  Cape sleeves

This style sleeves perfect for occasions like wedding, parties. This sleeve is a cap with a small extension from the shoulder.

7) Butterfly sleeves

This types of sleeves are combined together of cap and bell sleeves. This is perfect for deep neck tops or dresses. This funky style with butterfly sleeves highlights your tops, blouses, and dresses.

8) Kimono sleeves

This type of sleeves outfits comfortable in the summer season. This type of attire you can wear on the beach and making in summer dresses. This type of attire inspired by the Japanese. They are long, wide and loose. This attractive style stuff best for both western and traditional attires.  You can make blouses, tops, and dresses.

9) Bishop Sleeves

This types of sleeves style we can see in the old period and its come back in fashion. We always say "Old is Gold" Bishop Sleeves appear soft and delicate. Bishop sleeves are full length, fitted near the elbow and then open up.

10) Petal Sleeves

 As women, we all prefer soft and delicate looks. This girly and classy petal sleeves undertaking a stand out style.

11)   Slit sleeves

Slit cut sleeves can make your look more stylish. This sleeves can make you feel like a model. It goes with any kind of outfits like a blouse, tops, and traditional outfits. This type of sleeves has come with long or 3/4th of the length.

12) Juliet Sleeves

Juliet Sleeves has puffiness at the top above and below the sleeve is tight and fitted. This is similar to the leg of mutton Sleeve. Long, tight sleeves with a puff at the top.

13)   Full Churidar Sleeves

When you go with ethnic wear, there never like as elegant and classy as full churidar sleeves. Heaving plates at the end of the sleeves and stretched through the whole arm. This design suit adds both, style and simplicity to your look. Especially this design looks best with A-line Kurtis or Anarkali dresses.

14) Cold- Shoulder

Cold- shoulder sleeves rinse from the popularity of off-shoulder. This design is especially for those women that like bare a little less skin and its flash of skin on the tops of arms. This type of sleeves is modern and stylish. This design looks great and gorgeous when you paired with ethnic saree blouse and lehenga blouse.

15) Drop shoulder

This sleeves design is great for wedding link Sangeet or Mehendi Rasam. These sleeves look great with lehenga. This sleeve is very trending these days. If you have broad shoulder than stay away from this design. It can make you a very heavy look. This sleeves design best for brides than off-shoulder.

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